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2024 International events presence Plan

After a 2023 full of international events presence as part of the showcase of AM2R – Mobilizing Agenda for the business innovation of the Two-Wheeler sector, co-financed by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan, Next Generation EU. Abimota has established the 2024 plan: INDIA BIKE SHOW                                                                                                COPENHAGA BIKE SHOW                                                                       TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW                                                                              CYCLE MODE                                                                                            SEA OTTER CLASSIC                                                                                 CHINA CYCLE                                                                                              PRODAYS                                                                                                   HAND MADE BICYCLE MELBOURNE                                                EUROBIKE                                                                                           TAICHUNG BIKE WEEK                                                          EICMA        

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Portugal Bike Value will be present in the Eurobike Convention – Smart Industry panel

The bike industry is shaped by a powerful, independent group of small and medium-sized enterprises and has mastered the major challenges of recent years on its own. However, sustainable growth in the sector must also receive support through political and institutional measures in order to remain resilient and economically viable. Alongside pure sales figures, additional factors for which the industry itself must bear responsibility will also play a key role here: waste in production and packaging, the use of finite resources and new materials, recycling and supply chain optimisation as well as the ability to reach out to new target groups and establish use of the bicycle for everyday routes. Comparable European standards are needed if competitiveness and economic viability are to be retained within the field of conflict between politics, administration and development.  From Portugal Bike Value by Abimota will be present Sergio Ribeiro.

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PBV – The Future

Portugal Bike Value (PBV) is a project created in 2015 by ABIMOTA, this initiative aims to promote the Portuguese two-wheel row across borders. In 2019, Portugal established itself as the largest European bicycle producer, with two million and 700 thousand units, and national exports reached more than 400 million Euros.Urban mobility trends, based on global directives, prevail sit in accessible, safe, pleasant space with urban and human quality. This reality creates the space for the adoption of a new culture of mobility capable of instilling new habits in urban travel, that is, this is how the gentle modes of mobility start to assume a preponderant role.We are experiencing an environment of growth in the soft mobility sector, which is expected to be sustained in the coming decades. The session consists in a brief presentation of the future development strategy of the PBV and the soft mobility sector Portuguese by ABIMOTA.

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ANALYSIS ON BUSINESS SUPPORT MECHANISMS IN PORTUGAL IN THE CONTEXT OF SOFT MOBILITY The internationalization of markets and enterprises means the development of activities between different countries, whether through the transfer of productive resources, capital, cooperation projects or just the marketing of domestic products in other markets.There are a set of entities and mechanisms to support the internationalization and capture of Innovation and Development for companies in the Soft Mobility Sector. The session consisted of: Brief summary presentation of the main areas of the platform and support PBV HELPDESK A panel composed of different entities, which will briefly present the instruments and tools to support companies wishing to invest in Portugal.

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PBV – Knowledge Network

In today’s “connected” world, knowledge (sharing) networks are increasingly important. These “Knowledge Networks” are nothing more than a set of individuals and teams that come together across organizational, spatial, and disciplinary boundaries to create and share a set of knowledge. The focus of these networks is usually the development, distribution and application of knowledge. The mobility sector has also been implementing this development model in the creation of new knowledge. The session consisted of: Brief summary presentation of the main areas of knowledge already available in Portugal on the theme of soft mobility. A panel of industry academics and experts, who will discuss how Knowledge Networks can be a response to emerging market challenges.

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PBV – Industrial Technology Availability

The soft mobility market is revealing a trend with the introduction of more technological and safe products for users. With positive expectations, companies have also invested in new production technologies, such as robotic welding, adopting new materials, the innovation of production processes and business models.With carbon, extraordinary non-ferrous alloys, or simple steel, we must understand the properties of the materials for industrialisation. We should know which materials can be used depending on the desired application, what advantages and approaches they offer. The session consisted of:A brief summary presentation of the main investments made in recent years in Portugal.A panel of industry experts, who will discuss how technology can be presented as a competitive advantage for PBV to respond to emerging market needs.Contributions from two companies in the sector on the objectives and technological investments already made and held in the portfolio.

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PBV – ABIMOTA’s Lab support

Industry standards and regulations reflect concern on the part of competent authorities about the final quality of a product and consumer safety and rights. The mere fact that these standards exist forces manufacturers to increase the focus on the quality of their products, with obvious advantages for users/consumers. The session consisted of: Brief presentation of ABIMOTA’s competencies and role in this area. A panel of industry experts, who will discuss the requirements, opportunities and threats that result from the existence of the regulatory and regulatory framework, as well as the instruments to verify its implementation.

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PBV – The Covid Reaction

On the account of the pandemic, people rediscovered the pleasure of walking on the street. Europe in general discovered (or rediscovered) the bike, discovered that there is life outside the home, that there is life outside the sofas, outside of social networks, discovered the outdoors. So, one of the ways to exercise in a solitary way, keeping the safe distance, is in fact the bike. This caused that demand increase exponential. No factory has been able to anticipate this reality and increase production capacity to meet this challenge. The factories already have a high level of technology and are not able in such a short time to produce twice what they previously produced. The session consisted of: Brief analysis of the effect of Covid 19 on the global soft mobility sector by ABIMOTA. A panel of industry experts who will discuss the effects, opportunities and threats that result from this phase of global pandemic. Intervention of an industry company on the effects and how it is facing this period of health.

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Portugal Bike Value – The Path

20/07/2021 Portugal Bike Value (PBV) is a project created in 2015 by ABIMOTA, this initiative aims to promote the Portuguese two-wheel row across borders. In 2019, Portugal established itself as the largest European bicycle producer, with two million and 700 thousand units, and national exports reached more than 400 million Euros. The session consisted of:• Brief History of the PBV and the sector Portuguese by ABIMOTA.• A panel consisting of soft mobility experts, who will present trends and ideas on Portuguese and European Soft Mobility.• Intervention of the Vice President of ABIMOTA.

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Portugal Bike Value, act local, think global

On July the 20th. the first digital market dedicated to soft mobility will be launched and Portugal, once again, will be at the forefront in innovation, with another tool conceived for the sector, and providing a close to reality experience. Portugal Bike Value Digital Market, is born in a year, in which COVID-19 makes difficult for fairs and exhibitions to take place, and in which travel constraints are a reality. “We had to work hard, and develop something totally new, that provides, in the virtual world, an experience very close to real”, says Gil Nadais, Secretary-General of ABIMOTA, who adds that “we understand that we should apply the rule of act local, think global and so, this event will take place, and the platform will be accessible to everyone, all over the world.” Portugal Bike Value program thus has a new tool, which gives the sector even greater visibility, thus continuing its mission of internationalizing the two-wheel “cluster” and smooth Portuguese mobility. Portugal Bike Value Digital Market, will be held as a virtual “fair” from the 20th to the 23rd of July, but it will become the portuguese digital international market.

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